In Critical Condition:

Johnny has always been reliable. A sociopathic mob boss like Vincent only stays on top because of Johnny. Now, Johnny’s strengths and loyalty will be put to the test when an under boos comes after Vincent’s crown. With police asking questions and everyone dismissing Vincent’s orders, can Johnny utilize his wits and Vincent’s crew to thwart any plans to down the ‘stability’ of Vincent’s empire? Find out in this action packed crime thriller streaming now on Amazon Prime and available for purchase at Best Buy, WalMart, and more!

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“Based on the urban legend, a teenaged girl tries to convince the local sheriff that a mysterious new arcade game caused her brother to commit suicide.”

From Director/Cowriter/Coproducer Jimmy Kelly:

When Mike Tuite came to me with the urban legend, I immediately felt a sense of 80s nostalgia. The films of John Carpenter came to mind. We sat down and wrote the first draft fairly quickly, it was an inspiring moment in my creative history. This story called to me.

I wanted to invoke that same 80s film into the very DNA of Polybius. Starting with casting, Tom Atkins was the first and only person asked to play Sheriff Atkins. His character was developed by rewatching a lot of his old films so he was perfect for the role. It’s why his name is Sheriff ATKINS!

Working with Production Designer Chris Rowan, Michael’s room and where the game was held had to really breathe 80s. Then, locking down the last magic shop on Long Island really brought it home. With Sam Schmitz, the DP, we looked at combination of Halloween III, Tron/Tron Legacy, Brainscan, and Stranger Things to bring the highlights and neon, video game textures to the film’s image. The psychedelic look should put the audience into the understanding trance of Jennifer.

Which brings me to the most important aspect of the film: Jennifer Bower. With her expressive dance experience, Jennifer Kelly worked with me to play Jennifer as a closed off girl as she suffers the horror of the game. But did the game get to her? Does she know more than she leads on? I want the audience to ask these questions. I find it is more engrossing to make the audience questions. It’s why it takes a long time for Sheriff Atkins to admit where he stands to Lloyd and it’s also while the Head Suit leaves without answering anything. That unresolved feel comes from the mystery surrounding the real Polybius legend.

I hope the audience is transported into the urban legend and wants to learn more just as I did when I first heard it.

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