It’s been a long road in 2020 with all that’s going on, but we have some good Polybius news!

There are three new Official Selections for Polybius starring Tom Atkins. The selections are Dances With Films, Long Island International Film Expo, and NOLA Horror Film Festival! So far, the only confirmed dates are for Dances With Films. The film will play twice at 12am PST on August 29th and September 4th. Both screenings will be followed by a Q&A with Director Jimmy Kelly.

Polybius was also nominated for 4 awards (Best Director, Actor, Actress in a Supporting Role, and Actor in a Supporting Role) at the Romford Film Festival in the UK! We were all super excited to see our names called over Facebook Live at their lovely event.

More news to come, loyal viewers, as well as more blog posts. Stay tuned and stay safe!
– Jimmy Kelly

POLYBIUS starring Tom Atkins