Jimmy Kelly


Fight On Entertainment is a video content company and ad agency employing award winning New York filmmakers that provides quality solutions to the high demand for new content across all media. With great relationships with cable companies like Altice, our clients get the most eyes on their content we produce. We are dedicated to bringing audiences the very best in entertainment across all media.

Film Production

Fight On Entertainment is a full service production company that can help you form the right team and execute your film to its potential. Working with award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Kelly, your film will get the studio treatment in all facets of making a movie/T.V. Pilot/short film.

Cinematic Commercials

Utilizing storytelling skills to create television commercials and other video media, we are able to connect with your current and future customer base. This cinematic commercials are great for presentations, web sites, and cable. Ask us to get a cable package for your tv spot(s).

Videography / Editing

Looking to make a music video? Need to perfect your reel? Have some b-roll or want some b-roll of your business. Fight On Entertainment can create/produce all kinds of videos for your career, your business, even for your home videos.

Script Analysis

Have your screenplay read by Award Winning writer Jimmy Kelly. With detailed notes, a fast turnaround, and top-notch imagination, Fight On Entertainment can help you take your screenplay to the next level for your next screenplay competition, pitch, or production.

Pitch Deck Creation

In order to sell your story idea to investors, companies, etc., you need to have a lot of information to provide in a high quality presentation. Fight On Entertainment has the experience needed to ensure your project is ready for the big leagues.

Writing Services

Got an idea, but don’t know how to get it on the page? Have an old outline of a screenplay but no real way of engaging it? We can complete your script, novel, article, etc. so that you can be happy with your final product and release it out into the world.


Precision & Detail

Fight On Entertainment is…

Dedicated to bringing you professional media. Thorough in its pursuit of greater storytelling. Imaginative in its use of Cinema in all forms.

  • Film Production -100%
  • Writing Services – 100%
  • Advertising – 100%
  • Storytelling – 100%
  • Social Media Management – 100%
  • Videography – 100%

Web Services

Fight On Entertainment doesn’t stop marketing at advertisements. We can get eyeballs on your website with our in house team of storytellers and utilizing some of the best web developers in the game.

Social Media Marketing

Fight On Entertainment is in the business of keeping your customer base informed as well as help reach new clients. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, we can work with you on paid advertising, creating engaging content, and growing your followers list.

So Why Work with Us?

Get efficient work in a timely fashion.

Fight On Entertainment creates schedules that meet your deadlines and sticks to them.

Award-Winning Productions

Our films have won numerous awards and our commercials have been spotted on ESPN, TruTV, TBS, and more.


We make it easy for you to get what you need when you need. We’re always accessible through emails and calls. We will always get back to you within 24 hours.

It’s in the name

We fight to get stories out there to the masses. Let us fight for you.

Ready to Take Your Company To The Next  Level?

Allow Fight On Entertainment To Assist You!