Based on the urban legend, teenager JENNIFER BOWER tries to convince the local sheriff that a new arcade game placed by the ‘government’ caused her brother to commit suicide.” (In development) to learn more and request the pitch, contact us.

Date & Slay FINN

Date & Slay FINN, an insecure junior, is on a date with his long time crush LIZZY when it’s interrupted by an army of vampires! Can the overweight Finn keep up with the slayer helping them in order to not lose the affections of Lizzy?! Email us today to request the screenplay.

Love Rolls

EUGENE, a romantic germaphobe with no luck, risks infection during the COVID-19 pandemic by journeying from his suburban Long Island town to Brooklyn when his crush runs out of toilet paper.


During the zombie apocalypse, the most reliable soldier fails on a mission to retrieve a potential cure resulting in him being injured and stranded in the care of a resourceful ten year old seeking redemption.” Finalist at Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition ’19, and New York City Horror Film Festival ’18. Semi Finalist at 4th New Blood Contest ’17. An Official Selection to Finish Line Script Competition ’19, Crimson Horror Film Fest ’19, Film & Screenplay Contest ’19, Film Invasion LA ’18, and Oaxaca Film Fest ’17. To request the pitch deck and sample, contact us.


Three Friends working at a 24 Hour Pharmacy decide to run a wrestling ring during their graveyard shift in order to save one of them from a mob debt.” In development with names in place for wrestlers. Contact us for the pitch deck.


GARRY, a junior in high school, attempts to give his out of work writer Mom new stories by becoming a vigilante and scripting stopping crimes. In the process, he uncovers a deadly plot with familiar ties.” Official Selection Finish Line Script Competition ’19. Contact us to view the pitch deck and sample.


Clumsy rookie cops DOYLE and SNAKE decide to infiltrate a drug cartel to find their missing undercover coworkers only to accidentally promise the scariest drug lard the largest shipment of cocaine ever.” In preproduction. To view the pitch deck, contact us.

Short Films


It’s DANGEROUS being the newest action figure on the block! Witness as Justice Joan goes on a manhunt for a fellow toy plotting her line’s total annihilation! Top Ten finalist at Cinequest Film Festival ’16, NYC Midnight ’15, NYC Independent Film Festival ’16, Holly Shorts ’16, and Semi-Finalist at Shorts on Tap ’17. Email here to read it!

Three Day Film School (completed)

All Glenn has to do to graduate from film school is to get his film thesis project approved for production. But an evil film education administrator won’t let him, unless he pays off an $3,000 overdue library DVD in three days.
– Produced by: Fight On Entertainment & Mr. GM Studios Directed by: Glenn McBride Jr.
– You can view the trailer by clicking here!
– Click here to view the IMDb page!
– Also be sure to check out our Facebook!

Return to South Havin (In production):

November 24th, 1992 was the day Nancy witnessed a UFO crash into a nearby park. Today, she’s looking to unlock the truth by producing a documentary on the incident. Inspired by true events. News coming soon.


A thirty year old stoner must prove himself the chosen one of a cult when he goes to a meeting with his new hot girlfriend.” View the IMDb page:

Last Night Home

A dogme film project focuses on stories set in real life in real time. Using an avant-garde style, the goal was to make a personal project with no money. This short is about four friends home from college on their last night together. They don’t realize how precious this time is

Uber Scary

A driver picks up a customer and ends up wrapped in a story of revenge when the customer keeps coming back for a ride.” Contact us to read.


DEZ, a lazy library security guard, lets some friends investigate the ‘haunted’ basement only for them to discover more than just an ant problem…” Contact us to read.

Ghost of Performance Past

In order to be a star, an understudy had to do an awful thing that now haunts her as she prepares for the role of a lifetime.” Contact us to read.

Other than film


Jimmy Kelly’s collection of 9 contemporary short stories explore love, friendship, romance, and dating through the eyes of a variety of protagonists. The book is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

Nate Lyken (Marketing and BTS)

Fight On Entertainment provided Behind The Scenes video production as well as social media marketing to Steep Rock Entertainment’s newest R&B artist Nate Lyken in order to promote his new single “OVER.


Their marketing campaigns have been done by Fight On Entertainment since 2016 and has garnered them enomorous business. Their commercials air all over the tristate area on cable channels like ESPN, TBS, and TruTV

Community Outreach

As a humble company and member of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, Fight On Entertainment has a history and reputation of being involved with the community. From performing video production for The Kiwanis Club of Patchogue to helping coordinate and participate in OF COLORS events, we’re all about giving back to where we’ve come from.

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